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 The authenticity of Escape from Tarkov equipment 
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Post The authenticity of Escape from Tarkov equipment
Jonathan Ferguson of the Royal Armories praised the game's level of development and praised the developers at Battlestate Games for their efforts.


GameSpot again invited Jonathan Ferguson from the Royal Armories to test the weapons from Escape from Tarkov for realism. The expert remained unconvinced: he said that this is the most realistic shooter on the market.

Earlier we published the first part of the material, where Jonathan compared the Makarov Pistol, AK-101, and other types of weapons from the game with real samples.

Weapon customization
Jonathan was shown the weapon customization in Escape from Tarkov first. Each sample in the game can be disassembled into parts: for example, an AK-74N can be fired without a stock, compensator, and receiver cover.

The expert liked this very much - it is really possible to shoot from a weapon without these components. But Jonathan noted one inaccuracy: for some reason, the lack of a stock and a compensator does not affect the recoil force. In reality, in this situation, the weapon would skid upward.

Jonathan was also impressed by the customization of the weapon. Each sample has its own modifications, and all equipment in the game can be changed beyond recognition.

The expert said that the developers have made the most realistic customization among the games. For this, he is even ready to buy a powerful PC to play Escape from Tarkov in his spare time.

I think I would spend most of the time in the game customizing weapons and not really shooting other players. The very ability to customize each component of the weapon actually makes this section a game in the game.
Jonathan Ferguson
weapons expert

Rifles and machine guns
Then Jonathan switched to the 1895 model Mosin 3-line rifle. He told viewers that this weapon, due to its practicality, is still used all over the world.

The expert liked how the sample was shown in the game. He noted that in real life this rifle slows down the shooter, and the developers took into account all the features of this weapon, right down to firepower. In his opinion, the Mosin rifle is now not very effective in combat, especially if used without an optical sight.

Ferguson then assessed the level of elaboration of the Sword Inc Mk-18 .338 LM marksman rifle. He said that the soldiers nicknamed this weapon "Mjolnir", in honor of Thor's hammer. This moniker pays off in battle - it is one of the most effective rifles in the world.

Jonathan liked everything: the sound of the gunfire, the recoil, the firepower, and the look. The expert also noted that in the game, this weapon can be used not only at short and medium distances, but also at long distances. Thus, this rifle is almost in no way inferior to full-fledged sniper rifles.

He also liked the Belgian FN-FAL assault rifle. The expert noted that the developers correctly conveyed the spread of the weapon during automatic firing and its shortcomings: now this sample is considered outdated among gunsmiths.

Among other things, Jonathan praised the appearance of the weapon - the front sight, as in reality, is not very convenient to use in battle. And all other aspects of FAL, in his opinion, are conveyed fairly accurately.

Likewise, he liked the SVDS, a foldable version of the famous Dragunov sniper rifle. The developers took into account both the spread of the weapon and the hit of a bullet when aiming from long distances.

Ferguson stated that in many shooters like Battlefield, the bullet spread when shooting with sniper rifles is deliberately made as inaccurate as possible due to the balance. And in Escape from Tarkov, all sniper rifles shoot more accurately when aiming, as it happens in real life.

The expert was also delighted with the MCX assault rifle from SIG Sauer. He told the audience that this weapon is in great demand in the world: the soldiers appreciate it for its convenience and firepower.

Ferguson had no complaints about the model in the game: all aspects of this weapon are conveyed to the smallest detail.

Submachine guns and Saiga-12
Jonathan Ferguson is delighted to have the Vector submachine gun in the game. He was surprised that some players use it in conjunction with a telescopic sight: usually, this weapon is used only at short distances.

Overall, he liked the sample from Escape from Tarkov. All aspects, in his opinion, are displayed in the game quite accurately. He especially liked the fact that the flash when fired occurs slightly below the muzzle - this is a feature of Vector.

He also praised the Saiga-12 self-loading rifle. He liked that heavy recoil occurs with intense shooting - in real life, it would be exactly the same. Ferguson had no complaints about the role model in the game.

The UMP-45 submachine gun was also praised. Jonathan joked that he was bored of praising weapons in Escape from Tarkov - again, he found no flaws. The appearance of the submachine gun, its recoil, and firepower are fully consistent with reality.

During the video, Jonathan admitted that he really liked Escape from Tarkov. He doesn't mind checking for realism and other samples from the game.

This may be a bold statement, but this is the best shooter I've ever seen. But I haven't even played it yet.
Jonathan Ferguson
weapons expert

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Mon Apr 19, 2021 1:05 am
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