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 UTSA loses star recruit to grades 
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Post Re: UTSA loses star recruit to grades
jb4g wrote:
sm_bobcat wrote:
jb4g wrote:
meh, not a big deal as far as im concerned. Kids dont qualify all the time, at the end of the days its on the student to get his grades right, or lose the opportunity to play football at a higher division. He is the only one confirmed at this point, but if the other 2 end up in the same boat than so be it, thats on them. UTSA cant overlook the academics in their rush to get football started, gotta do things the right way IMO, and this is part of it. Its not as if he is some 5 star recruit that going to be the face of the program, they will find someone else worthy of that scholy.

Sorry, losing a 3 star recruit for an FCS school is a big loss. I am not saying, that it isn't something that you can't over come, it certainly is. But, to act like it is nothing at all, is crazy....

Dont get me wrong, I would rather hear and see nothing academically related to UTSA players, Id rather they all make the grades and be eligible and this never become an issue. Buts thats not gonna happen, this is part of the process. You win some, you lose some. We lost Dorsey, but we picked up another 3 star in Hall who didnt qualify academically at SMU. I think you guys are jumping on this because its UTSA and you really dont care for us :lol: Coker and his staff apparently took a chance on the kid and he failed to live up to his end of the bargain, and suddenly this means Coker is back to his old ways at Miami?? Bit of a stretch IMO.

How is that a stretch? Suggesting that someone is going to do what he always has is pretty straight forward. Thinking that someone will do something totally different is nothing more than speculation.

I may be wrong and he has changed his ways but nothing has happened to back that to this point. Do you vote in elections? If you do, do you vote on what someone has done or what they say they will do? I tend to look at their record rather than listen to the crap they spew.

SWT85 wrote:
UR an idiot. Only explanation needed.

Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:52 pm
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Post Re: UTSA loses star recruit to grades
I have been told that this guy is no longer at Blinndagarden. Person that told me said he thought he was to good for JC. Apparently, did not even come close on the SAT.

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Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:51 am
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