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 Some questions about Path of Exile 
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Post Some questions about Path of Exile
1. Skills damage is high, why not use “sacrifice” to increase the base damage?

A: The “injury utility” is called “additional damage utility”, which not only acts on the point injury but also on the “additional damage”. In the promotion of “basic injury”, “giving” the “physical injury” of the skill itself is greatly improved (can be compared with the skill data table), and the enhanced “physical injury” will in turn act on the gain forming cycle, and attached The skill jewel of the point injury can only improve the “elemental injury” and cannot act on gain. Therefore, the value given is much higher than the additional point of the gem. Of course, additional points can also be tried, but not recommended.

2. The chieftain’s sublimation is “not affected by the igniting”, so why is it that blood will be lost when it is opened?

A: “Ignition” belongs to “elemental anomaly”, which can be understood as follows: “Ignition” is the “starting action”, and then the other party is caused to burn damage. The normal fire is different from the ignition, which belongs to the “continuous injury of the fire system”. It can be understood that the normal fire does not need to “ignite” this action to directly cause the other party to burn damage. Therefore, the “essence” of the two is different, and “not affected by the ignition” will not affect the blood loss of the normal fire.

3. There is no play in the normal fire. Why does the “spell” tag not eat spell damage, is “speed Corrupt” useful for normal fire?

A: According to the “connotation” and “extension” of “concept”, normalizing belongs to the “continuous injury” in the three basic output types “attack, spell, sustained injury”, which belongs to the essential attribute of normalizing is “connotation”. The three basic output types are subdivided into “physical” “elements”, “Chaos Orb”, etc. Normalizing is the “flame damage” in the “element”, which is “extension”. “Connotation” and “extension” constitute a complete “concept”, that is to say, “continuous injury to the fire system” is a complete expression of the concept of normalizing fire. Therefore, normalizing is a continuous injury rather than a spell injury, and all spells can not be eaten. In addition, the skill tag is only a description of a certain feature of the skill. For example, why there is a “spell” tag for normal fire. What he really wants to express is that it will increase your spell damage after the normal fire is turned on, so don’t blindly look at the skill tag. Differentiate the “logical relationship” between things. In addition, although normalizing is a “continuous injury”, it does not eat “speed Corrupt”, but it is also a problem with the “speed Corrupt” skill label. If you want to even “speed Corrupt” you need to take a “secret enhancement”. Also, normalizing does not eat any additional damage and gain.

4. Can you get banned for buying Poe currency?

Buying Path of Exile Currency isn’t cool, it isn’t clever and it probably makes you a douchebag for even considering it. You could get your account banned for being involved in such a transaction. And there is no website can guarantee that your account will never get banned.

What’s the difference between Hardcore and Standard?

There are no gameplay or quest differences (increased drop rates, stronger monsters, etc). The only difference is that Hardcore has permanent death as an extra challenge, by means of moving you to Standard. (The admins will not move your character back if you die, except in extreme cases like game patches adding dangerous and widespread bugs.)

Will dying in PvP in Hardcore send me to Standard?


If I join a race, what happens to that character afterwards?

The character is sent to the Hardcore league. If you want to move to Standard, enter an area and die. Certain races with increased drop rates, such as Descent, send your character to an unplayable null league instead until you delete them.

Can you trade items between leagues?

No, since players have to be in the same instance. However you can send items from a Hardcore league to Standard by dying.

Do I lose my characters when a challenge league ends?

No, they are transferred to their parented permanent league (either Standard or Hardcore) along with their stash.

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