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 Following the last update regarding buddy trading 
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Post Following the last update regarding buddy trading
You may or RS gold may not remember that I've made a thread on the topic March this year, about the Q&A that has been released then, at which Paul and others triumphed in Zaros' yield. I am happy to have been right. So, what are the ideas on this?

If you would like to just mine, you should be aware that lvl 85 (Unless your after the mining skillcape) is ok to get to. At lvl 85, you are able to mine any ore you desire.

By this time, you should buy a small amount of coal and iron and get started smelting bars (be sure you buy 2x the amount of iron from coal, e.g. 15 iron, 30 coal).

As of now, you purchase 914 gp for every steel bar you sell in the G.E. When you get to around 1M gp, if your sick of smelting steel bars, calculate just how much gold ore you want for to 99 smithing and purchase all of the gold ore you can. You may lose some money, much in actuality, but do not worry, with the rune items which you make you can regain it all back from the time you get to around lvl 85.

Everything I discovered just now that I reached lvl 68 is that I want to get to 1M gp so I can buy all the gold ore I want to get to lvl 99. When I get to smelt a new metal (for me personally it will be at lvl 70 using addy) is I will mine the new ore and necessary coal and smelt 15 bars of this new metal. As I get better levels, I'll smith the weapons I want to smith and sell them for additional cash and exp. While I sell at G.E.. This is my opinion on what I found to be easy. If you guys don't like something, please send me a remark on what I could improve. My title is Zoku012 if you want to send me a message or add me to your buddies list on RS. Anyhow, I hope I help a few of you that really struggle with this dull skill. Good luck everyone.

Following the last update regarding buddy trading, where you can trade more with long term friends, I had been thinking about starting a money transfer clan called Runescape Union. (Instead of Western Union.) It would allow large amounts of cash to be transferred between two disparate entities. Basically my plan is because of this. Normal clans will probably streamline the procedure with one of their members as a secretary of finance, all members of that clan will overtake that secretary.

These members will subsequently become befriended to secretary of different clans as well as members of additional exchange clans allowing exchange of funds between clans (such as bets and pots.) Additionally, non-clan players may also befriend these trade clans, therefore again large amount of money may be exchanged. This system also needs to be resistant to RWT since the buy School RuneScape Gold money has to pass through so many handson. How does this sound?

Tue Oct 06, 2020 8:43 pm
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