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I got out of the tent and canteen meaning was surprised to see a small stream had formed in the sand and was running under the corner of the tent. It was raining so hard that all along the beach rain run-off had formed rivulets running from the forest to the ocean. I dragged my tent out of the running water and built a barricade with driftwood to divert the stream away. I retreated under the tarp as the wind kicked up; I wasn't kayaking anywhere today. The next morning I opened my eyes, it was so quiet& I sat straight up, stunned  It wasn't raining! After well over fifty hours of relentless rain, it had finally stopped. I peered outside: Dreary, low fog, but relatively calm seas. I'm out of here!! I packed everything as fast as I could.

We're proud to be able to use our position as an e-commerce business to try to help all parts of society whenever we physically can and we hope that we can inspire other businesses to do their bit to help society in any way that they can. As airlines continue to cancel flights worldwide, the camping industry has become a popular alternative for holiday-goers hydro flask who are looking for an affordable and reliable  staycation'. Charlie Mihalik of the Yorkville Motorcycle Co., Ace dealer, New York and friends P. J. Bailey of the Ace Factory and Walter D. Batterson, Harley-Davidson dealer of Corning, N.Y. used their machines to get them to and from their fishing and hunting excursions.

As a bird lover, one thing I vividly remember was a short eared owl that circled water bottles us for at least five minutes as we hiked though his hunting grounds. We must have scared off his dinner or something because his stoic eyes were burning holes in our heads. We made our way across the glacier-carved valley, and every time Ari stopped for a smoke break, it gave me a chance to catch up. As the guide it's always embarrassing to be out-hiked, but even more so when you're out-hiked by a smoker... We reached the lake around noon, took pictures of more caribou, and ate lunch as we enjoyed the scenery and each other's company as they began to teach me some of their language. I learned very useful German words like "clothespin," "beer," and "cottage cheese."

Ha! After we ate I thought to myself, 'Huh, we made it here kinda fast, and water filtration system I doubt they want to be done...' So I asked them what they wanted to do, and mentioned another lake further up the valley that I know of on the map, but also that this would add 3 miles to our day. They didn't even hesitate at that suggestion, and before I knew it, our 12 mile day turned into a 15 mile day. If you've never experienced it, hiking over open tundra exerts far more energy than hiking an established trail. So after taking a quick count of extra granola bars to make sure we had enough to be gone longer, we headed out. That day we were lucky to see 3 dall sheep more than 1,000 feet above us on the jagged rock face of the left valley wall.

Back at camp they taught me some more German and offered me a beer with our Mountain House freeze-dried dinners. I struggled taking from their stash, but it sounded so good that I decided to take them up on the offer. I don't drink much alcohol, but looking back at breakfast, I can vouch for the fact that Emil was right about that apple cider concoction... One of two creeks that flowed right by camp. The green tents can be seen in the background. We made our way up a fairly steep pass, which was more of an avalanche chute. It made for easy bouldering, or rock hopping, as we made our way up. It was a wet and uneventful day except our discovery of some unoccupied bear dens.

They were too high up the mountainside to go explore, but we did get a good idea of what these creatures have to go through to find a decent place to sleep for the winter. When we camp at these locations in July and August, there are no bear there. air mattress All the bear leave their dens between March and April and head down into the valleys closer to our lodge, where they spend the summer eating fish, blueberries, and anything else they can find. These three gentlemen loved being out in nature, and I honestly don't think they would have ever wanted to go back to camp if there wasn't alcohol waiting for them. By the third night, the stack of empty beer bottles outnumbered the full ones, and they knew they had planned it out right so they wouldn't Image need anymore beer until we flew back to the lodge.

Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:31 pm
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