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 NRUF where TxState stands 
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tx.state wrote:
Do you think TXST is waiting on Truath to retire before announcing/starting a fundraising campaign? I could be very wrong on this, but it seems easier to fund-raise with a fresh face leading the way.

it is hard to say at this point the average age of university presidents is 61.7 (62 years) old and going up steadily

the average tenure is 8.5 years (and I believe declining steadily)

she is 70 and has been the president of Texas State since 2002 so 16 years so she is well past the point of being above average in age and tenure for a university president

the link above to the relatively obscure Texas State web page talking about fund raising is pretty new so that is a start, but generally you let everyone know a fundraiser is starting in a pretty public way and then you have a "silent phase" where you decide on the overall goals and get large donors lined up and then at some point (generally before half way in the time frame, but past half way in the dollar amount) you flesh out the total dollars desired and the expected end date and you have the "public phase" and hopefully have a few big donors still lined up to give larger amounts to keep things "exciting"

that is pretty much what UTSA did with their first campaign and they even bumped the goals up part way through and went a bit more "public" earlier after they got a large unexpected donation

the last campaign for Texas State started out similar to what I outlined above with an announcement, a "quiet phase" and then a public phase, but the public phase kind of in my mind pretty much went silent in the last couple of years

early on in the public phase if I remember there were updates on the total with a temperature gauge looking graphic and then that went away for the last couple of years and it was just "closing this out" and then "completed success"

and this new set of goals seems to just have been placed out there as if it is internal to the university and everyone else can just happen upon the page and see "hey there are some goals"

unfortunately the last two paragraphs are way too "north Texas state" (a TERRIBLE fundraising university) for me and are indicative of not really putting a lot of effort into a campaign and hoping that investment returns and just average to above average annual fundraising gets you to your goal in the allotted time frame

and at this point I see no indication that she is looking to retire I think it is getting to a turning point for Texas State right now where she either sets some goals, sets a campaign, sets some dates and does it or there will be some half hearted effort left for someone else to clean up (see north Texas state again and again as I believe their last two "campaigns" ended with a new president and not much fan fair and no real accounting of the overall effort other than "we did it" and then both of the campaigns were promptly killed on all university websites and not mentioned at all) or there will be a "close out" or removal of the current page on the website and then a delay if a new person takes over

in the case of UTSA it looks like about 24 months will have passed between the old guy retiring and the new guy starting a capital campaign (it could be 18 months it is a bit cloudy for me on the dates since Romo left early because of the "brazos" issue)

Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:30 pm
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