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 Path of Exile through the season new gameplay 
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Post Path of Exile through the season new gameplay
During the crossover season, explorer Alva Ville is looking for the mysterious Valle Treasure Pyramid: Azoate Temple. Every time she encounters Alva Ville in Valklas, she can give players a short chance to cross. Players can travel back and forth to the ancient Val era, witness the construction and location of the pyramid, and defeat the residents of the pyramid to change history. The short crossing time can be extended by defeating the residents of the pyramid, and finally get rich rewards.

In the cross-season gameplay, the choices players make after crossing will have huge consequences. Players can control the pyramid creation process and influence what rooms will appear in the modern pyramid ruins. When crossing, the key found can open the locked door to increase the number of rooms that can be accessed in the future, which are closely related to the challenges and rewards that the player will encounter in the future. There are many more powerful monsters in the room in the pyramid, and the player will be rewarded with the exclusive use of the room.

Through the season to add a new BOSS - Val architect, kill or redeem a Val architect, you can control the direction of the pyramid construction, which is the core and ultimate challenge of the season play.

As in previous seasons, the S4 has set a number of challenges through the season, with players completing 12, 24, and 36 challenges to get rewards across the back, through the Teleport door, and across the face of the mask.

31 new dark gold equipment

A total of 31 new dark golds were updated in the S4 season. These powerful new items include new affixes and many other new game content. Some of these new dark gold gears are related to the Vale Gold, which is related to the season's play. These new Vale golds are upgraded by Vaal Pyramid's The Offering Altar, which becomes a stronger version of the equipment, which is numerically increased or increased. Brand new affixes.

In addition to the dark gold equipment, the S4 through the season also provides some new magic affixes for some equipment, they are:

Tortutat: Provides Baselight/Lightning/Ice from Above Damage and Fire/Lightning/Ice from Above Resistance Penetration

Puhuate: Provides Flame/Ice from Above Resistance, Physical damage from hitting into Fire/Lightning/Ice from Above damage, Elemental damage to life stealing, etc.

Matatal: Provides movement speed and spell/attack to avoid or increase trap damage

Takati: Improve chaotic resistance or increase chaos, poisoning, etc.

Guaderez: Increase in maximum life or energy shield

Xiao Peike's: Improve the magic

Chittaquaret: Improve the damage of summoned creatures, etc.

These new gears and new affixes will further enrich the game genre of Path of Exile, helping players find more practical games in the new season.

New skills debut old skills renovation

Val is a core word for the S4 through the season. Therefore, in this new season update, naturally, the new Val skills are indispensable. There are 6 new Val Skills gems in the new season, with different attributes and effects. These Val skills will be a key element in the new season.

In the 3.3 version of the S4 season, Path of Exile has also undergone considerable renovations for some relatively old skills, and many of the skills that have already withdrawn from the stage of history will rejuvenate in the S4 season. This update has been refurbished for more than 20 old skills, covering traps, Ice from Above, bows, and vans.

Updated with the old skills refurbishment is also an update of the talent tree. The 3.3 version made considerable changes to the genre gameplay and increased the freedom of BD. So while the combustion mechanism and the trap genre are being enhanced, the talent tree and some talent points have also been strengthened.

"Path of Exile" This updated S4 through season is a version that returns to the essence of ARPG. A lot of new content and adjustments will make players more enjoyable to the players who enjoy the pure sequel of bloodlines. At present, the S4 Crossing season of "Path of Exile" has been opened. You can experience the new Diablo game tour by going to the official website to download the client.

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