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 An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early chest 
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Post An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early chest
OMG, It is not an ironman article! 835 chests in my iron and I have still not got a dual let alone a triple chest OR even a guthans figure for that matter. Damn, that is a wonderful madness rune haul. Meanwhile im 700 chests in and am missing 3 items for complete barrows and havnt even found a single double chest... Gz on best chestplate for this actual manbod look. And the other for RS gold lookin like a unit. And here I am 346 chests in without seeing a single set piece Bah!

An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early chest

You might wanna consider turning drop notifications (you'll notice it on other posts, it is the red text that lets you know how much your drop is worth) That way in the event that you ever receive a fall over a specific value it tells you you don't miss it. Pretty sure I have that but since it's a runelite screenshot it doesn't show it. Old into OSRS. Total armor .

That's so disappointing with 3 items lol. But still cool and rare. Glad this occurred to somebody new. Rough math: 1/15 odds for one bit, chances of a triple torso: 1 at ~3375. Pretty cool! Yeah, it is because you can not get dupes, makes obtaining bits harder with each subsequent piece.

Remember that the building contracts was only polled a few weeks leading up to its release, yet they still got it completed and released in under a month. Meanwhile we still have content declared years ago that just keep getting delayed. To be fair and please do not mistaken this comment as me defending Jagex's flaws in any manner, the development time and resources for OSRS content is a lot cheaper and easier to manage than the dev time and resources necessary for RS3.

Now that having been said, it will not serve as an excuse to the OSRS buy gold Dev team! Especially considering they are making enough gains through MTX and are very well equipped to make content on a balanced foundation. My biggest problem is that the real game material keeps getting delayed, but do you think they ever delay MTX promos? Not a chance.

Fri Sep 18, 2020 3:34 am
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