Scratch the 2016 season WE SUCK AGAIN
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Author:  x [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Scratch the 2016 season WE SUCK AGAIN

Just watched the replay. I actually feel better than I thought I would after watching it. Maybe knowing the ending desensitized me though.

PG: As others have noted, Davis really did have an awful game. 0/8 shooting, 0/3 from 3, 2/7 from the FT line. 5 assists to 1 turnover is the only real positive, but you just can't go 0-fer from the field or 2/7 from the line. Nottingham only played 8 minutes, but played a bit better than at Air Force. Nottingham seems more of a combo guard to me so far than a true point guard. He could probably play the 2 as easy as the point, and may even be better there, but if Davis continues to struggle I think you have to keep playing Nottingham at the point. Not impressed with him defensively so far. Reggie Miller played a few minutes at the point also and I think will continue to get some chances if Davis doesn't improve quickly.

SG: By far the biggest positive in this game was the emergence of Tyler Blount as a legitimate scoring threat. Missing 2 crucial FTs down the stretch notwithstanding, he had a great game. Led us in scoring with 22, hit 4/8 from 3. He was brought in here to shoot the 3, nice to see him have a nice game. We finally got to see Isaiah Gurley. Looked healthy to me so I'm just guessing he was suspended to start the season? Could be wrong. Looks like a talented kid but you could tell he wasn't as in tune with the system as well as some of the other guys and put up a couple bad shots I didn't like, but we really need him to be an immediate contributor.

SF: Not Pearson's best game, but he needs help like he got from Blount in this game. We know what we're getting with Pearson, what encourages me at the 3 is Deris Duncan looks to be much improved. It looks like he developed a perimeter shot and hopefully Pearson won't have to play 33 minutes a game like he did last year with some better depth here.

PF: We need Prijovic to be a bigger contributor to the offense. 14 rebounds was a positive, but I'd like to see Nedja take more than 4 shots a game. Peacock has some developing to do in the system but looks promising.

C: King is another player we need to step up and start playing better. He looked good late in the year last year and with most of our top scorers leaving us after last season he and Prijovic need to help Pearson lead the offense. We had a nice size advantage over utsa in the interior and King couldn't take advantage with just 6 points on 6 shots and only 3 rebounds in 19 minutes. Terry played 14 minutes and didn't fare much better with 7 points and only 2 rebounds. Both had some foul trouble. Kaspar isn't ready to use Alonso Sule yet it appears as when we needed a 3rd option at the 5 we shifted Prijovic there and had both Prijovic and Peacock on the floor at the same time.

Epic collapse in the last 70 seconds. You just have to hit your free throws. Blount's two misses with about 15 seconds left were the worst of the misses. We also have to be better defending the perimeter. One thing that drives me crazy about Kaspar's defense (there isn't much to complain about frankly defensively) is we typically aren't a great perimeter team defensively. We sometimes dare teams to shoot from outside and we do a great job not giving up easy interior buckets typically. When we win big it's when teams have cold shooting nights, when teams are hot we usually lose. What bothers me about this game is with 70 seconds left and a 9 point deficit what do you think they're going to do? You have to make an adjustment to defend the 3-point line. They shot lights out in the last 70 seconds, but we did a poor job switching on ball screens and gave them too many open looks when we knew they needed 3s. Also, we had two bullshit calls against us in the last minute. First on Prijovic with about 45 seconds left and the Peacock foul that was already discussed. Shouldn't have mattered had we hit our FTs, but still.

Need to win today, I'll put the UTRGV game thread up soon.

Author:  AirBoko [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Scratch the 2016 season WE SUCK AGAIN

I’m interested to see if Kaspar finds a small-ball lineup he likes. I’m also interested to see what lineup becomes his closers. All close games will devolve into a FT shooting contest at the end of the game. Who can he trust to get the ball in under pressure, not turn it over, and knock down their FTs? There’s potential to lose many more close games if this isn’t figured out. We all know there had to be someone on the bench that would have knocked down those FTs.

If you ask me, FTs are all about routine and confidence. It’s mental. Most of our transfers looked more confident on the FT line than our returners.

I trust Kaspar will figure it out. I know we’re all just tired of losing to our rival.

Author:  Fran's Last Twinky [ Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Scratch the 2016 season WE SUCK AGAIN

So got to see the team courtside this past Saturday. Here’s my 1-1/2 cents on a few of the players.

Gurley – There’s a lot of promise here. He looks like one of the few Bobcats that can create his own shot. The issue is he’s totally lost on the playbook. If he wasn’t be yelled at by Kaspar for not running the play correctly, a true freshman (Nottingham) was repeatedly telling him where to go.

Terry – I’m a fan. I like his attitude and his hustle. He’s got an actual back to the basket post game. I think he can be a nice sixth man type as a backup big. Needs to box out better.

Davis – I feel better about Davis’ play after this game, but I’m still not sure if he’s the guy. I’m not sure what wrecked his confidence but when he finally got a bucket and the Bobcat bench went wild, he played completely different and was much more aggressive. I hope he puts it together.

Nottingham – This kid does not lack confidence. He’s got some skills as well. He would have had more than 3 assists in this game had some others made some shots he set up. He made two nifty passes in the 1st half that were bobbled by King and then Terry. He scowled after the King one and then had some words for Terry on the 2nd bobble. Pearson, a great leader, calmed him down and I’m sure he informed him that’s not a productive conversation (although I’m sure Phratty would disagree). I think he’s a starter for sure by next season if not sooner.

Miller – Kaspar just needs to keep giving him limited minutes to get some more experience. I don’t think he’s ready to contribute in meaningful games at this point.

Pearson – He was tentative for the first 5 minutes. When he became aggressive, it was game over for UT Rio Grande. They could not defend him. He’s a great kid and you can see how he leads on the court.

Prijovic – I asked and I received. He looked for his shot and was aggressive. He could easily be the #2 guy for this team. I hope his confidence grows as the season goes on. It could be a nice future with him and Pearson being sophomores.

Author:  Larry Teis [ Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Scratch the 2016 season WE SUCK AGAIN

Nottingham is a JuCo transfer

Author:  Fran's Last Twinky [ Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Scratch the 2016 season WE SUCK AGAIN

Larry Teis wrote:
Nottingham is a JuCo transfer

Coolio. Thanks for the clarification, Larry. I'm surprised you know the names of your student athletes, much less their classification. Maybe I was wrong about you.

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