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I suggest that the cowboy, just because he gardening gloves was a myth of an ultra-individualist society, the only society of the bourgeois era without real pre-bourgeois roots, was an unusually effective vehicle for dreaming  which is all that most of us get in the way of unlimited opportunities. To ride alone is less implausible than to wait until that marshal's baton in your knapsack becomes reality.

The thirst is all-consuming as you lurch forward through the parched sand and loose rock of the desert canyon. You're lost, having ventured off the hiking trail miles ago. You have only half of a bottle of water left. Stopping under the unmerciful sun, you examine the bottle as if you were studying some precious jewel. Your body knows what it needs. But your mind says, "No! I have to save it!" You're not sure why, but somehow it seems too precious to waste, too valuable to use right now. So, you put gloves for women the bottle back into your bag and continue stumbling forward, hoping to magically find a flowing stream in this barren land.

Soon after they arrive in Cambridge, their first child is born, a boy. According to Indian custom, the child will be given two names: an official name, to be bestowed by the great-grandmother, isotoner gloves and a pet name to be used only by family. But the letter from India with the child's official name never arrives, and so the baby's parents decide on a pet name to use for the time being. Ashoke chooses a name that has particular significance for him: on a train trip back in India several years earlier, he had been reading a short story collection by one of his most beloved Russian writers, Nikolai Gogol, when the train derailed in the middle of the night, killing almost all the sleeping passengers onboard.

They go into a hat shop so Gogol can buy a hat, since he mechanic gloves is not dressed for the cold weather. Moushumi tries on an expensive, fancy hat and Gogol decides to return to the shop to buy it for her later. The next weekend, she invites him over for dinner. They have sex and the dinner she was cooking burns, so they order Chinese food.Moushumi confides in Gogol that she never liked any of the Indian men who courted her; because she is a woman, the encouragement to get married had been more intense for her. She felt lonely, as if she would never meet anyone to marry. After college, when she went to Paris, she began to have a newfound confidence that allowed her to carry out romantic affairs with many men at once.

She fell in love with Graham, an American living in Paris for a year, and returned with him to New York to become a PhD candidate at NYU.She and Graham had lived together in Manhattan, hiding their romance from her parents. When she finally introduced him to her parents, they had done their best to accept him as a potential son-in-law. Moushumi had proposed to Graham in a taxi in traffic, impulsively. He had said yes and they had gone to Calcutta to meet her extended family. He had seemed at ease with them. They had begun mma gloves to plan the wedding, which would be Bengali.

Moushumi and Gogol bond over their Bengali identities, and over how they are a source of confusion for Americans. "They talk about how they are both routinely assumed to be Greek, Egyptian, Mexican - even in this misrendering they are joined." Neither of them thought they would date another Bengali seriously, since it was something both their parents wanted for them so badly. They know that their relationship will appeal to their Bengali parents, and they find this both comforting and surprising; they Image never thought they would please their parents in that way.

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