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 The animations thing 
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If you were watching a game in the Mut 21 coins and it only went off the ends of his fingers and he could get his hands that is understandable. Happens to the top receivers on earth from time to time. However, Madden has animations in which the wide receiver will be wide open, holding in the center of the field, staring directly at the quarterback, watching the ball the entire way towards his head. Plus it'll hit him. He doesn't even lift his hands. This doesn't happen with recipients in football, but it will in Madden. The animations thing. Failing a dice test does not feel as bad if the cartoon made it seem like your player at least tried.

This happens all of the time with run blocks and pass cubes. Your blocker will just stand there and observe a guardian scream. At which he makes the effort, at least put in a cartoon. Simply make your gamers TRY. So you are saying that the animations don't matter? If that's true then how would you feel if you played the game and one of your lineman turned black, then left a t-pose, the defensive rusher went right passed. Perhaps a huge error could appear over his head that said"DICE CHECK FAILED!" None of that will bother you enjoying this game because"I do not care if it feels real. I just care when I won the test or not."How to Purchase a next gen console for"free"

Like nearly everyone, I am frustrated in various ways with EA. I'm not INFURIATED like any gamers, and that I genuinely want to enjoy the matches. We've got new consoles coming out which is fantastic this season! I am currently on Xbox, but I'm still on the fence about where I am heading next gen. I have opted to boycott EA for one year. Without spending money on Madden, FIFA, etc. and inevitably (for me personally) spending countless more on"packs", I will most likely be able to purchase my next console and probably save money all around.

I believe we are past the point of no return when it has to do with EA's greed, they just make a lot of cash from the present version and I really don't blame them for continuing on this trajectory. I believe the only real way to determine real improvement will be for the exclusive license to end. This is not a proposal for others to do the same, since I really do adore Madden even with it's flaws. That is my way of"fighting back" from EA while at the same time employing the savings to buy mut coins madden 21 purchase my new console. Not buying Sports Games + Packs for a single season = Savings to buy a console also sends a small message into EA.

Fri Sep 18, 2020 3:33 am
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