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Author:  tx.state [ Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Thread - @ Appalachian State

tpopt wrote:
Heaven forbid someone accuse the QB of being part of the problem. So what you're saying is that if he had a line, he would be a great QB? I understand.

Why dosn't TJ get pissed at the line? I could understand that people screw up once in a while but when the ball is snapped and the OT just stands up and watches the LB run past them like they didn't see them there is rediculous. I also saw them double to the inside while the LB on the outside runs in untouched. This is either not communicating or just plain avoiding the block. This happened often. Why doesn't TJ get pissed? Hell it's not even leadership. It's just talking to your team.

Have you ever watched Jay Cutler on the sidelines - running around yelling at everyone, especially his o-line. He looks like an asshole. Is the leadership you're looking for?

Author:  Bobcat.taxman [ Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Thread - @ Appalachian State

tpopt wrote:
Of course.

But when an LB is lined up opposite the OT and there is on four on four, why does the OT avoid? Fine don't get pissed, how about just get your tail handed to you play after play. Watch a replay.

Early App was bringing one extra when we didn't have a back in the backfield thinking they could get to Jones with one extra but later in the game they saw that all they needed was four because we let one come untouched everytime.

Being calm and collected when things are going well and people are doing what they are supposed to do is what is expected. Calm and collected when things aren't going well (understatement) is when you stop being calm and collected. TJ doesn't change. Just saying that maybe he could point to the people in front of his OL so they know who to block. It is all so unbelievably rediculous it's unreal. How could anyone not get pissed?

Sorry guys,,,I know that this is a tough year and I feel for TJ. I honestly want him to do well. Maybe it just surprises me that he doesn't get pissed.

Clearly you didn't see TJ yelling at the sideline very animated on 2nd and goal and 4th and goal in the 4th quarter when we called a screen and then a draw up the middle that both went nowhere.

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